img_4722Just a little blogpost having had a week off…

Things I have done:-

  • Walked
  • Laughed at my brilliantly funny 13 year old (I had missed the point where he became hilarious)
  • Walked and laughed
  • Read books (not about education)
  • Eaten Cake (lots of cake)
  • Pyjama danced
  • Played board games
  • Messed about with log fires
  • Sat
  • Laughed with my surprisingly non-moody driven 16 yr old (who following ace GCSE results in the Sciences and Maths is doing a musical theatre BTec and is fulfilled and happy)
  • Taught boys bad magic tricks. IMG_4946.JPG
  • Attempted taking band photos (regularly ruined by my hilarious 13 yr old)
  • Did I mention Cake?
  • Talked
  • Laughed with my amazingly tolerant wife (who has been an absolute rock for the past 2 1/2 years)
  • Cooked a chilli that was way too hot
  • Punned, as only a dad can
  • Watched the Sunrise
  • Cheered on raindrops as they raced down the window (mine won)
  • Watched birdsIMG_4839.JPG
  • Watched the Sunset
  • Read more books (not about education)
  • Accidentally scared a deer
  • CAKE!!!
  • Swam in a freezing loch
  • Laughed at ancient monuments smaller than my shin.
  • Realised that my work/life balance is a bit wonky.

I realised I’ve missed quite a lot in the last two and a bit years, the job is all-consuming if you let it be. My challenge this half term is to find a balance and not miss the important bits. Quantity as well as quality time.

Equally I need to make sure my staff do the same. Think the example I’ve set may not have been the best.

Watch this space… (to be continued)




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