…and relax… (Warm glows and reflections)


T to the E to the A to the M

‘The people you work with are people you were just thrown together with. You know, you don’t know them, it wasn’t your choice, and yet you spend more time with them then you do your friends or your family. But probably all you’ve got in common is the fact that you walk around on the same bit of carpet for 8 hours a day.’ Tim Canterbury (The Office)

*names have been changed to protect the innocent

Warning I have been re-watching ‘The Office.’ I currently am sporting a goatee beard. So if this comes across a little David Brent then I’m sorry.

I’m sat this morning feeling pretty damn happy and it’s not just because it’s the first day of a holiday. I have to admit I’m in a good place. Hard to nail it down as to why, but think mainly it’s because this term has been another huge step forward for us as a school. Weirdly it’s not been in the way I imagined or thought it would.


‘What is the single most important thing for a company? Is it the building? Is it the stock? Is it the turnover? It’s the people, investment in people.’ David Brent (The Office)

For me the real difference, the key difference, is the us-ness. (made-up word alert).

It’s not always been that way  since I arrived in school, to be fair I never expected it to be. The real aim of any leader is to build that team, to get them all facing the same direction, blinking  and staring into the glorious sunshine that is the ‘vision’ and working cohesively to make that happen. Great in theory, but in reality there are lots of challenges to that, especially when you step into an established organization.

This term, for all the challenges,  has been a complete joy. School, for all the stresses, is a happy place. Laughter is a regular noise in school, as it should.  My new Deputy has been an important part of that (she also can swear with the best of them). I have to say being a deputy is the hardest job in a primary school and she is doing a phenomenal job.

We seem to have hit that tipping point. We know where we are going. We’re confident enough now to not be pushed off course by the vagaries of outside pressure. We are in a good place.  That we’ve got there without losing a member of staff * is probably my proudest achievement.

(*previous Deputy retired after 39 years in the school. She wanted to leave earlier but I convinced her to stay an extra term.)

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” Henry Ford

Sometimes its moments that define it. Our ‘Hope ‘ assembly was one of those. It summed up the togetherness, not just of the staff but pupils as well. My eyes were a little bit sweaty by the end.

The staff Christmas do was another one of those moments. To see all staff from MSAs to SLT out together was just brilliant.  (It also didn’t happen before.)


‘You grow up, you work half a century, you get a golden handshake, you rest a couple of years and you’re dead. And the only thing that makes that crazy ride worthwhile is ‘Did I enjoy it? What did I learn? What was the point?’ That’s where I come in. You’ve seen how I react to people, make them feel good, make them think that anything’s possible. If I make them laugh along the way, sue me. And I don’t do it so they turn round and go ‘Thankyou David for the opportunity, thankyou for the wisdom, thankyou for the laughs.’ I do it so, one day, someone will go ‘There goes David Brent. I must remember to thank him.’ David Brent (The Office)

Not sure why I’m channelling David Brent, not sure he should be my role model but its better than this. IMO

‘If anyone says to you that staff morale is at an all-time low, you know you are doing something right. ‘
Sir Michael Wilshaw

Feeling like a ‘reet good’ point to stop and enjoy the moment. Have a brill Christmas.



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