#whatawritemess – Independence and honesty.



This is a very short blog as when everyone else gets up I am forgetting about work for the weekend. I have already blogged on this issue and I continue to have  huge concerns around the honesty of teacher writing assessment in a high stakes testing regime.

See link writing-honestly-we-need-honesty

I have just however watched the joys of the STA video on KS2 writing 2017 see below. I have added a link not because  I would wish to make anybody sit through what I felt was a rather patronising, condescending video but because sadly I think it’s important that people do. I would hope people see it mainly to ensure that we have an even playing field. It does need to be shared as widely as possible so that all schools are aware of the…ahem…guidance.


I have a couple of concerns after watching this video but my main concern is honesty.

This guidance will not lead to honest pictures of what children can and can’t do. The guidance on spelling marking and success criteria will just lead to schools finding other ways to pass on  that information. Rather than it being in a book and real clarity and honesty being provided regarding support and scaffolding a pupil has received.  This will now be removed. Books will show how wonderfully our children write ‘first time’ just don’t ask for the draft book, planning sheets, post-its etc.  (I’m already ordering extra photo-copying paper and a job lot of post-it notes before they run out of stock.) Working walls will also receive a new lease of life.


Year 6 writing working wall 2017


I can’t even be bothered to discuss ellipsis,  post bullet point consistency and the other stuff.

If I sound cynical and snarky, it’s because I am. This is again not about writing and definitely not about children. Let’s be honest this  equally further erode trust between primary and secondary colleagues regarding what we say about pupils in transition when all those amazing writers we send up suddenly can’t spell or use a whole range of features of their own accord.

So I’ll leave you with this…




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