Anyone for Take-away? I’ve taken a few from Primary Rocks live 17.


This is how we ROCK in these parts!


If Carlsberg made a teaching event this is the one it would make.

Last week wasn’t the best for me for a host of reasons. I contemplated not going. Turns out #primaryrocks live 17 was just the medicine I needed. It  was a day full of energy, verve and spirit. This was not downbeat…this was not defeatest…This was a celebration of both how wonderful primary teaching is but also very clear on the challenges it currently faces. The mantra “be excellent every day” or for my school #everydayexcellence (which is something I bang on about all the time) was very much in evidence. This was very much people going ‘Over and Above’

This isn’t going to be a review however instead it’s just going to be my takeaways. The key things that will go back in to my school.

  1. From the inspirational @pivotalpaul to go back and review how and what we reward. To make explicit the behaviour we want. To NOTICE it and reward it. Flip it and phone because that child has done something great not something bad.  (Think we do this to a degree but we need to be more explicit)
  2. From the ever reliable and honest and genuinely funny @MichaelT1979 to double-check feedback does what we want it too and that it tells both children and teachers what we need to know. Responsive Teaching is the aim.
  3. From @MrTRoach who channelled writing through a lens of American horror writer Stephen King. Make sure that children write everyday. I firmly believe this, to get good at something you’ve got to do it…a lot.
  4. From @Shinpad1 the importance of people, of staff having the “knowledge.” Also the importance of expertise in effectively tieing together the pieces in Reading and Writing. Joining it up.
  5. Finally from @imaginitiveenquiry to exploit the tensions and give children room to think but also how vital knowledge is to do that effectively.

A brill day. An empowering day. I also got the opportunity to talk to other heads going through the same things, facing the same challenges. Great to know that “I am not alone”

So thanks to @Gazneedle and his crew for a day that reaffirmed the love I have for this amazing job and I’m gonna say it. “Thanks for the passion!”

Maybe he should think about the shirt next time though 😉


GAZ Needle 2018 (This is what I expect)

You Rock!

So Key Question – What were your take-aways. Was it more than a kebab?




2 thoughts on “Anyone for Take-away? I’ve taken a few from Primary Rocks live 17.

  1. From @shinpad1 the importance of staff really understanding why we are doing things the way we do things, and more importantly, why we are changing doing things a certain way. Always assume staff get this but bet some really don’t. It’s lovely that they are loyal and trusting and do it anyway but really understanding the deep ‘why’ would be more motivating for them.


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