Last week inspired by @mazst who had enthused about The Nowhere Emporium and how great the start was.


I posted my favourite book opening along with the hashtag #bestbookopening.


It was fab that so many shared their favourite opening and really lit up quite a dull Tuesday. (It was raining and cold where I live). There are now a load more books I want to go and explore. Both children’s and adult’s books were shared I have however  focussed on the children’ s books first

So this  isn’t really a blogpost. It is instead just a place to share #bestbookopening pdf I have currently done the first 50 openings. They are A4 pages and look a bit like this…

So here is a PDF version,

bestbookopening pt1 pdf1

and here is a word version if you want to edit or add your own.

bestbookopening pt1 word

I will add more over the next few days…


Here are another 20.



More to follow…


Hope people find them useful…I’m putting a set up around school.



5 thoughts on “#BestBookOpenings-downloadable

  1. Another great Philip Reeve opening sentence is from one of the prequels to Mortal Engines called ‘A Web of Air’: Something was upsetting the angels. It really leaves everything open, the possibilities are endless!


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  4. What a great resource – thank you! I had to teach a lesson on fronted adverbials for an interview a few years ago, so I used opening lines from famous books that started with fronted adverbials to make it a bit more meaningful.


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