Shouting in the Wind


Fiddes, Christopher John Ellis, b.1934; Shouting in the Wind

“This coat my royal gown
A stolen hand-me-down
No need to scrape and bow
We can be heroes now
For more than just one day
Heres how
Look both ways when crossing roads
Dont wear slippers till youre old
Never do what you are told”

Chumbawamba “Never do what you are told”

I’ve been asking myself recently…Why I blog?…Why I tweet? I Think that is an important question to ask ourselves.

I started just over a year and a half ago partly driven by frustration. As a head of a small coastal primary school, the challenges you face are huge yet your voice feels practically non-existent. Finance, budget, recruitment, SEND all massive issues but ones which you feel you have no power.  So that was the motivation to provide a voice for the average school. The school doing their best in challenging circumstances. I have at times been outspoken.(I’m OK with that). I’ve more often been ignored (often when you post something that doesn’t agree with someone elses narrative). That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t shout out. Sometimes people are afraid to shout out. The thing we must realise is that every person’s voice needs to be listened to. Some people seem to wield blocks and mutes on twitter as a way of shutting down debate, clearing their timeline of dissenting voices. Thing is if we only listen to the voices that agree with us we don’t actually get a real picture.


“Anything worth shouting about is worth shouting into the wind.

Because if enough people care, often enough, the word spreads, the standards change, the wind dies down. If enough people care, the culture changes.

It’s easy to persuade ourselves that the right time to make change happen is when it’s time. But that’s never true. The right time to make it happen is before it’s time. Because this is what ‘making’ means.

The most devastating thing we can learn about our power is how much of it we have. How much change we could make if we would only speak up first, not last. How much influence we can have if we’re willing to look someone in the eye and say, “yes.” Or, “this is our problem, too.” Or, “this must stop.”

Yes, there’s wind, there’s always been wind. But that doesn’t mean we should stop shouting.”

Seth Godin


I’ve been lucky enough to get pieces in the TES to share my voice.

Why Picturebooks are Important…TES article archive #1

The Fight to be an Inclusive School… TES article archive #2

Getting rid of staff isn’t the answer…TES article archive #3

Evidence is important but great teaching is still art…TES article arhive #4


So what I’m really saying is don’t be afraid to shout out and keep shouting even if it feels no one is listening. Whether you have 1 follower or 500000 your voice is equally as important.


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