Hyperbole-What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!


‘I look around and I see big mouthed rock stars with opinions on everything and answers to nothing.

Burnt out old men with money to burn.

Bandwagons full of bands with sycophantic fans with no lives of their own.

A place where image is king and music is a poorer relation that I can relate to.

I am the greatest

I am the greatest’

I Am The Greatest by A House.

Edutwitter loves a spat.

The government’s announcement of Times Tables Checks… was a perfect opportunity for a spat.

What is sad is that apparently grown up, intelligent people used it as an opportunity to promote their personal agenda and spout globules of hyperbole at their perceived opposition. Generations were failed, wanting tests was akin to child abuse, not wanting tests makes you an enemy of promise. There were apparently swarms of people who didn’t think children should be taught times-tables. (I have to say I still can’t find them)

It was all a bit childish and pathetic really and the only thing it did was stop people having an actual discussion about the Times Table Check. The Hyperbole prevented nuance and reasoned argument about the real issues regarding the introduction of the XTC or TTC or MTC (pick whichever one you like.) The actual issue around the government introducing another test and form of accountability was lost in a sea of hyperbole.


You have to question why this happens. There is significant grandstanding going on. There is much raising of standards, planting the flag in the ground and rallying the troops to the cause.

Next up seems to be  exclusions and behaviour. Where if you don’t exclude you preside over chaos, or if you do you destroy pupils futures. Where if you don’t exclude you’re allowing people to be hurt or worse, and if you do you are destroying society.

Again it’s not an either/or issue which seems to be how some people want to paint the argument.

Nobody is saying you shouldn’t exclude however a nuanced discussion around exclusion and the potential crisis that is happening seems actually an important thing to have, with voices from all-sides looking at the challenges. Sadly again that discussion won’t happen because it’s drowned out by a wave of hyperbole and grandstanding where the extremes at either end of the debate dominate the discussion and the reasonable are shouted down, lambasted and vilified.

Arguments are treated as a thing to be won rather than an issue to be solved.

The way some people act and speak to other teachers is frankly appalling. I’m pretty sure none of them would do it in real life.

As a person who often finds myself somewhere in the middle of these discussions, I’ve increasingly found myself not engaging and not wishing to get involved with it and I’m sure there are plenty of others who feel the same way. That in itself is sad as I’m sure many valuable voices just stop being involved  and walk away. Instead it becomes the same voices spouting viewpoint rather than a real conversation.

Personally I’ve got better things to do.





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