Just write!


Not written anything for ages and found myself in a class in Parklands Primary in Leeds. They were having 15 minutes free writing so I  picked up a pen and just wrote.

Forgot how much joy, just writing can be…

The Magic Library

If you don’t look carefully you would never know. It was, from the outside at least, just another boring old library full of dusty books and crusty old people looking for company on their long lonely days. Even if you went in you still might miss it, as the silence stifle your voice and you feel squashed.The slightest sound is met by a glare from the ancient librarian , she will pierce you with her steely blue eyes as she stares over the top of her half-moon spectacles. However if you dare to venture in, if you dare to wander off the beaten track to the corners long forgotten. You may if you’re lucky find the magic.

It won’t jump out at you, it takes a bit of work. If you pick up the right book, open it and carefully read the words hidden within the magic will surround you. It will sweep you up like a wave and send you careering into world unknown and adventures yet to be had. Monsters and magic will swirl around you. You will run, you may hide but you will not escape. You will lose days and explore mountainous peaks and delve into long forgotten dungeons. Until finally it will let you go and you will close the book with a deep sigh.

Then you will hunt for that next portal, hidden in the dusty quiet.

It’s not great but it was great fun to write, just write, without the spectres of success criteria or writing frameworks looming over like a cloud. I’ve not edited it. It is what is 10 minutes just splurging.  I read it to the class it worked pretty well as aread aloud.  (wish I has the skills to illustrate it.)

Made me reflect on writing in our classrooms. Do we create time and space to write? Do we let children sometimes write what they want? Do we let children really be writers.?




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