World Book Day…don’t get in a stew.


Firstly let me get it out there that personally I think everyday should be World Book Day. Books are central to our curriculum so in some ways World Book Day is just another day. Creating a culture where reading is seen as important and dare I say it pleasurable is key to creating readers.

If you look over social media yet  again we are in the season of negativity that happens every year around the first Thursday in March.

Now let’s get it straight teachers…this is not about us. World Book Day should be about getting children excited about books and reading. (Again this should be part of what we do everyday.)

World book day is about hopefully getting children to engage and enjoy books. If that is not what happens in your school then refocus it. Put books at the centre of what you do. Share some brilliant books, give children the chance to talk and dig deeper into a book. We take the chance as a whole school to dig into the same book in every class. This allows us to have a school wide conversation where all members of our community can have the same conversation about a book.

Lostwor.pngLast year it was ‘The Lost Words’ by Robert McFarlane and Jackie Morris. It was more than a day (actually it was mor like three weeks).

Every year we have people moaning about costumes and the supermarkets selling stuff. I have to admit the commercialisation  of the day frustrates, I personally don’t want our parents to waste money on costumes. We’ve in the last few years dressed up as characters from books we’ve been using in class. Mainly that’s sorted the issue. We’ve sent out cheap instructions to help parents make the costumes together. Making it a thing parents and children could do together for the most part was great. (we had spares in school just in case).

If you don’t want to dress up then don’t.

5 Tips for getting World Book Day right…

  1. Make it about fantastic books
  2. Share some amazing books
  3. Talk about wonderful books
  4. Enjoy using some brilliant books
  5. Oooh did I mention Books

Enjoy it…a day where you can explore brilliant books what’s not to love?


I have to say the £1 books are really good this year as well.

Also don’t miss the BBC Teach Live Lesson on Thursday with the brilliant Cressida Cowell, Malorie Blackman and Rob Biddulph. All looking to help you dig into their brilliant books.





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