The King’s Folly…a cautionary tale


Once upon a time a king built a great hall so that all the subjects in the kingdom could talk and share their ideas and opinions.The hall was comfortable, a fire roared in the hearth, and people were welcomed warmly.

At first a few people came to the hall and began to share their wisdom and others came and listened to the things they had to say. These people gathered followers who agreed with their wisdom and they built their version of the truth.

Then others came who believed different things, they began to share different wisdoms.

These wisdoms were not the same and people began to disagree. Often this would start as polite discussion  and there would be back and forth as the ideas were mulled over. Sometimes this would lead to agreement at other times that wasn’t possible so they would agree to disagree.

Sadly sometimes the disagreement led to nastiness and spite. For some there was no middle ground, they were right and everybody else was wrong and they solely wanted to use this chance of a voice to impose their ideas on others. They could only hear their own voice and dismissed those who saw things differently.


Some people  however could see value in both wisdoms, but for some this was not acceptable and these people were ridiculed.

Yet more people came some to share the fruits of their labour. Whilst many loved this generosity others took it as a slight on their work, or as as showing off and vanity. Nasty things were said and some decided they no longer wanted to share. They took the fruits of their labour and left.

As the arguments became worse some of the people felt they couldn’t join in a discussion because there  were others who chose to belittle those who shared ideas they didn’t agree with, they would mock,  joke and make fun at the expense of anybody who disagreed. So some were silenced.

Fortunately the king had created ways to banish people who were mean and spiteful. Some however decided to use these powers to silence voices of dissent and challenge and create a perfect world that agreed with their every utterance and through their actions the world was skewed.


The meeting place became an empty hollow place as people no longer felt able to share their voice, the fires dimmed, the time of sharing came to an end and all left to return to their own little kingdoms very much diminished.



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