Booklists…Class Novels Year 3-6

Here are the class novel lists I created for Year 3 -6 all in on spot.

Year 3…

10 Wonderful books for year 3…Picked because they’re great!

Year 4…

10 Amazing books for Year 4…Picked because they’re great

Year 5…

10 Stunning books for Year 5…Picked because they’re great

Year 6…

10 brilliant books for Year 6…picked because they’re great!

Hope they help.

3 thoughts on “Booklists…Class Novels Year 3-6

  1. I’m interested to see some books on the year4 list which I’d have categorised as year 5 challenging..have you used the books with those year groups? If so what was the general reaction? There are some challenging reads in the year 6 list also but as children tend to read up more at that age I don’t worry so much about the emotional challenges of the content in those. I’d be interested to hear what teachers in year 4 classes have tried with their children and the reactions when hearing a story with more challenging emotional content.


    • Which books were those? We’re talking class read alouds rather than independent reads. Would tend to pitch slightly higher. In terms of emotional content, every book choice would depend on knowledge of the class. There are always books I might use with one class that I wouldn’t with another.


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