Is there room for a maverick in our school team?

Watching the England versus Austria friendly yesterday I was struck by the fact that Jack Grealish was playing. As a Villa supporter that made me really happy. Grealish is part of that longline of mercurial talents that normally an England team doesn’t find room for, (Le Tissier, McMannaman, Merson etc) a player who is considered too much of a risk, they may provide you with brilliance but at other points they may not. Instead watching the national team we’ve often ended up watching a load of meat and potatoes players who have way more caps. Safety first. Sadly this may well be the case when we hit the tournament next week but yesterday Grealish played. The best team mangers will build a team around that talent, the worst leave them on the bench.

I was struck by the comparison to schools, increasingly there is is no room for the Mavericks in our schools the risk takers, those teachers in our schools who we remember. There is increasingly no room for the cavalier teacher, flamboyant and exciting. The one that carries a child on that educational rollercoaster. They are either to big a risk or we increasingly seem to be beating the maverick out of them with an homogenised educational soup. Educational gruel.

As school leader I want a Jack Grealish or two, a teacher who makes things happen and gets the audience to their feet.

Surely schools are a team game and we need a full squad..

2 thoughts on “Is there room for a maverick in our school team?

  1. Oh how I agree with this. The schools who have the insight to embrace the ‘Jacks’ are those with energy, and interestingly, are often the most inclusive!


  2. This is so spot on. After almost 40 years in teaching and the truth is these ‘Jacks’ have been pushed into a submission of invisibility. Doesn’t seem that they are embraced for the excitement and flamboyance they bring. Rather better it would seem to squash this out of them just to ‘fit in’, ‘not stand out’ and not be a threat to anyone else!!


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